American Made. Maine Made.

Our Approach

The way things were..... The way they can be!

100 years ago every family had a garden on their land and could guarantee that their produce was being grown to their moral, ethical, and culinary standards. Today, our current generation goes to the standard supermarket for their produce, which offers the same rotation of lifeless, colorless vegetables year round, and have little knowledge about how the food is grown. Thus, our society has lost the true taste of food. So, our approach is to bring the taste back through simple, honest, gardening methods that provide a better quality of food.

Our Message

The connection between the land under our feet and the food on our table is one of the greatest stories never told in our country. It was a way of life, habit, need, that made our country great. Today we are losing this skill, this profession, this need, and our drive as a people for survival and social responsibility and practical provision for the family. In past generations, every family was connected to farming. In our current generation we only have 5% of our population in farming. This is a problem as a society. We as a people are more reliant on government and other countries to provide our basic need. What happens if this system fails? (and it will fail)

Our message to you is also connected to our approach.We found that controlling our environment we can control the nutrition of our food. Things simply taste better from your own garden and that is also the only way you can guarantee that your produce is being grown to your moral, ethical, and culinary standards.

Early Garlic Plants
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