Founder & Farmer

Visionary, motivated, driven, stubborn, explorative, adventurous, ambitious to create, and Christian. He likes to be home with family and enjoys the smell of the ocean. He has enthusiastic passion for the things he loves. His wife says he is a ball of fire and at times rough around the edges, but very much giving and considerate.


Founder & Crafter

Housewife, crafter, naturalist, and Christian. She's a city girl turned country pumpkin. At first she deeply missed the city, but after a couple years, she came to dislike the city and miss her country home when away visiting family. Her best friend is her sister whom she misses greatly and wishes could live closer. You find her most of the time in the kitchen, but when you do catch her outside you will see her wearing knee high rain boots with her cut-off pants and the "population one" t-shirt. She's scared of spiders and bugs, hates, and I mean HATES mice, and a dislike for me tickling her legs all the time.


Labor, Love, Support


We couldn't do it without the labor, love and support of our family! 

Our Story

Why are we farming in Maine?

It all started with a desire to move out of the city and into the country after reading this quote from the book Child Guidance.

"He who earns his livelihood by agriculture escapes many temptations and enjoys unnumbered privileges and blessings denied to those whose work lies in the great cities. And in these days of mammoth trusts and business competition, there are few who enjoy so real an independence and so great certainty of fair return for their labor as does the tiller of the soil." {CG 356.3}

We wanted to live among the rolling hills of lush green grass, mountains of ever changing trees, and the beauty and depth that can only be found in the lakes and forest outside our bustling cities. We needed a change from the sound and smell of trash filled streets, loud sirens, annoying horns, computer screens, office cubicles with no windows, and crowds of people, to the sound of clean running water, singing bird, and the smell of wild flowers covering the open fields. So, here we are, exploring the dirt with our hands, breathing clean air through our nose, and being calmed by the beauty before our eyes. 



Food from the garden should not only taste great, but have also be colorful, fragrant and nutrient dense! Our produce is more than good taste and looks, it's healthy for you. Its food with life!! We call it "healing food for a sick world".

We currently offer only a few varieties of products from the field. What we lack in quantity, we make up in quality!

Contact us for a list the varieties offered and the months in which they are offered....



Good food comes from good soil. We take great concern in the quality of our products and services. Our goal is to provide you with excellent products that are better than organic, they're HEALTHY!


We guarantee that we follow natural farming, harvesting, planting, and cultivating practices. Our soil is worked with only natural minerals and no chemicals that would damage the planet or your body, and our methods preserve our habitat not destroy it. Furthermore, the food from our garden does not violate human ethics or moral standards. And in all this we recognize we can only succeed by the Lord's grace. 


We enjoy making homemade items for your special event. From party favors to wedding stickers we have what you are looking for! 


Why buy from China, or Taiwan, when you can support businesses here in Maine? 


Why buy from a big business giant in another country when you can get the items from the home of a local family?

Visit our Etsy shops Tears of Joy Collection for our party favor line and Backyard Family Farmer for our all natural skin care line.