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Homemade Soap with a Happy Ending!

Updated: May 14, 2018

Here are some Amazing benefits of our Homemade Soap!

Ingredients - everyone wants healthy skin. Then why use commercially processed soap that destroys your skin? Commercially processed soap causes many skin conditions that can make you unsatisfied and confused. So we say why? Start changing your condition by changing your soap. Want relief from dryness, itchiness, acne and other skin discomforts? Try us now.

Real Soap- Commercially processed stuff (not soap) are a mad scientist, chemical cleaner cocktail created to harm not help. These frankenstein products are linked to allergens and some forms of cancer. Our homemade soap is the real stuff - soap with real natural ingredients that produces moisturized healthy skin.

No Harm - Our soap is produced from plant based materials, no use of animal by products or animal testing. We make our soap with our own hands in the great northern state of Maine. Our creative process comes with a promise that in all stages no humans were harmed or subject to sweat shop working conditions.

Personality - Each bar is different in shape, color, and smell. Each bar represents the quality of hard working people, like you, with real and different personalities, different shades of skin color, different body types, and smell of life. Commercial soap pours everyone into the same mold. Our soap loves diversity and Freedom! Express your differences with a bar of our soap. #homemade

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